Evans Street Station: Tecumseh’s heartland

A delicious lunch at Evans Street Station, a restaurant proud of its sense of place.

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FROM NYT: “An Epicurean Pilgrimage—Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket”

A tribute to R.W. “Johnny” Apple–Boy on the Bus, epicurian, legend.

Pacific Rim: Ann Arbor’s crème de la crème (AnnArbor.com)

Disclaimer: Pacific Rim is Ann Arbor’s crème de la crème, plating food that rivals (and, blessedly, in some cases, knocks out) the swank, smart and haute brasseries belonging to New York’s epicurean glitterati. As with my other local favorites—Metzger’s German Restaurant and Karl’s Cabin among them—Pacific Rim’s menu isn’t solely a reflection of the ingredients; instead, it speaks to where American and, more specifically, where local cuisine stands in contemporary culture and gastronomy. Here is fusion, blends of old time flavors with innovative tastes and twists, led by a chef who’s bold enough to create dishes as unique as shitake pierogies and Thai-style fettuccine.

Welcome to Pacific Rim, owned by Chef Duc Tang. The following describes one of the best restaurant meals I’ve ever had.

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Pacific Rim: An Interview with Chef Duc Tang

To preview my upcoming AnnArbor.com post, here is an excerpt from my interview with Pacific Rim owner and executive chef, Duc Tang.

Q: What influences Pacific Rim’s menu?

A: The important thing for me is that my menu has precedence, that it is based on something original or authentic. Then it becomes my interpretation of that dish, or my way of making that dish more accessible, more palatable and more elegant.

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Pacific Rim: Ann Arbor’s crème de la crème

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Unabashedly, I will say that this was one of the best meals I have ever had.

FROM ‘Cate’s World Kitchen’: Bread pudding, ahoy!

While blogger Cate of Cate’s World Kitchen acknowledges that she isn’t a bread pudding fan, she recommends this recipe. Her in-laws love it.

Bread pudding ranks high on my comfort food list. I’m no chef, no. I’m certainly no self-proclaimed “foodie”. But, I do like damn good sweets. Bread crusts, raisins and nutmeg? Call me Abigail Adams, because this colonial-era stuff is the best.

FROM CNN: ‘Central Perk’ hits Beijing

Ross and Rachel’s fountain dance sequence and big, orange couch have hit the east. This past March, entrepreneur Du Xin opened ‘Central Perk’ in Beijing. Today, it continues to be a smashing success.